Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a Blackhat Method?

A: No! Affiliate Site Quick is the advanced way of selling products as an affiliate. There are many webmasters promoting affiliate products for years via the usual, old-fashioned simple redirects and cloaked links all over the net.

Our sophisticated methods confirm to various TOS since we do not use "empty sites" only consisting of redirects, we also do not cloak since nothing is hidden from search engines. A great deal of attention has been given to confirm to TOS of various affiliate programs and at the same time comply with Google guidelines. Affiliate Site Quick does not use any "illegal" methods and does not deceive users or search engines.


Q: Does the use of Affiliate Site Quick comply with TOS from eg. ClickBank ?

A: This version of Affiliate Site Quick is 100% in compliance with Clickbank TOS. All hoplinks open and target a new top-level window. We use the only "legal" and ClickBank recommended way to handle hoplinks. Cookies are not being acquired via shady techniques like frames, iframes, images etc.

Q: Do merchants allow this ?

A:The only gripe a merchant could have is if a merchant really, really insists that he wants nobody selling his products as an affiliate on a site which is a real 1:1 clone of his site.
This is in fact rarely the case since products listed eg. on ClickBank are listed for one and one purpose only: So other affiliates can sell their products!!

For the rare occurence that a owner of a vendor's site may not like you hosting a copy of his site without a proper copyright disclaimer:

There is an option in the 3rd party tool mentioned to add a copyright disclaimer - to make it clear that the original site is copyrighted by the original merchant.

In case of doubt please ask a particular vendor if he is ok with you promoting your product using an advanced clone of his own site. The big majority of vendors should be fine with it, remember: The merchant profits so do you! Win-Win Situation!


Q: Can it be used in direct linking with your own display URL instead of the merchant's URL?

A: That's the whole point: You will create your own site under your own URL!!


Q: Does this work with programs which use Cookies for affiliate tracking?

A: Clear answer: Yes! Not only does this work - the tool used in question is one of the most advanced utiltities for making sure that your affiliate cookies are placed properly, no matter what browser you use! This method is far superior to any method using frame redirects and similiar tools where you could otherwise "lose" cookies (and therefore commissions!) depending on what browser is used.


Q: Is this against Google's TOS - Will i get banned ?

A: The opposite is the case! You are not using simple one-line redirects or javascript redirects. You have a real site with content! You use your own URL!
Google will love you - You will also enjoy great quality score for all PPC traffic and Ads you create and redirect to those pages!

Do this with a simple cloak or URL redirect and your quality score will drop to the bottom!! Because  with the oldfashioned way you will only have a pseudo-fake-site with no content. I heard of people getting banned from Google since they used affiliate links and redirects in their PPC campaigns. This problem doesn't even come into play with Affiliate Site Quick.

This method i describe is the real thing!! You can make a site in short time and start PPC and have very low CPC and Great Quality Score - This all in a few minutes!


Q: Is this bad for Google since i will have duplicates of sites?

A: If you don't modify the sites you will certainly have dupes - but it depends what you want to do with the sites. If you use the sites mainly for driving PPC traffic to the pages than the fact that this is a dupe is irrelevant - you wil still enjoy low CPC and great quality score for AdWords.

The main purpose of this tool is a superior alternative for people who otherwise would have only used a redirect and no content at all.

If you really want to work with the sites and modify them to make them unique you could in fact do this very, very easily:

You go on the page you created with Affiliate Site Quick and download the page source right from your browser with "Save Page Source" to your PC.

You edit this HTML code then to your liking, modify and rewrite texts, images, whatever you like. You re-upload the modified html-page to your site and make this your new page. You can even SEO this site and do whatever modifications you want this way.


Q: Is this against any copyright laws?

A: The sites in question are displayed and created "on-the-fly" - there are actually no 3rd party files, images or any files of a vendor's page hosted or stored on your server neither are they editable or accessible!

As i said above, publishers usually will like the fact that you will promote their product since everyone will profit from this. You are free to ask a publisher for permission before you go live with your new site and tell him that you're an affiliate for his product. You are also not pretending to be the merchant's site in question, which would be a total different story. You can always add a copyright disclaimer making it clear what the original site is in case this is needed. In case of doubt contact a vendor and get permission first.


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